Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions measure, inspect, robotics
We also combine surface inspection expertise with measuring technology and robotics. As a result, our customers receive a complete turnkey system from a single source. This positioning of our Autision Group companies is probably unique to the European market.

Combined quality assurance tasks can be solved in a single operation with our automated systems. Many different combinations are possible. A few typical examples are provided below.
Please feel free to contact us with your questions about integrated solutions for individual requirements.

Automated surface inspection and crack detection as well as measuring of forged parts

Problem definition

Our customer supplies forged parts relevant to safety to a well-known automotive industry OEM. In addition to uniform and reliable stability, high requirements also have to be met here with regard to the dimensional accuracy of the parts. To ensure their quality, our customer requires:

  • Surface inspection of the forged parts for defects such as scale holes, etc.
  • Testing of the dimensional accuracy of the part dimensions
  • Inspection for cracks on and just under the surface of the forged parts

The inspections are more challenging due to the harsh environmental conditions in the forging plant, such as vibrations/shocks, noise, dust and temperature fluctuations.

Due to the strict requirements of the OEM, 100% of the parts have to be inspected. Even a single defective part getting through undetected cannot be tolerated. At the same time, the costs due to pseudo errors, so forged parts improperly classified as NOK, should be kept as low as possible. Another important criterion is that a cycle time of less than four seconds must be met. High reliability in three shift operation is a self-evident criterion in an industry with optimised scheduling of the supply chain.


Our system consists of two test stations, each with an independent image processing system. Image capture is performed with a total of 16 sensors. Other components include the magnetisation station, wet flux unit, the integrated handling system which is partly solved using robotics, and the central control system.

  • The forged parts are supplied to our test station as bulk goods, so the first process step is sorting and positioning them uniformly.
  • A robot grips the forged parts and transfers them to the 3D test station.
  • The products are captured quickly and precisely in three dimensions using laser triangulation.
  • In a single process step, the software checks the parts against geometric dimensional requirements and surface defects such as e.g. scale holes.
  • Parts which tested OK are automatically magnetised for crack detection.
  • Contrasting agent for crack detection is applied to the parts automatically, neatly, efficiently and uniformly.
  • Autoflux®-Cracklight illuminates the parts. Images of the forged test parts are recorded.
  • Our image processing software recognises potential cracks or material defects.
  • After the forged parts have been fully tested, they are output automatically and reliably, sorted into OK and NOK.


Our customer is highly satisfied with our result. 100% of the produced forged parts are inspected for dimensional accuracy, surface defects and cracks within a cycle time of under three seconds. Human error in the measuring and inspection process is precluded through automation. Skilled workers no longer have to perform monotonous tasks which may be harmful to health. They are now available to our customer for other important tasks. Product quality is verifiably and permanently higher in comparison to the competition, a true unique selling point in the market for forged parts relevant to safety. Thus our solution also helps to increase the achievable margins.