Surface Defect, Flatness and Geometry Inspection Advic®



Advic® stands for "Advanced Vision Check". Advic® Sheet is used to perform automated inspection of flat metal products, such as stamped parts with different shapes and profiles, for surface defects, flatness, dimensional accuracy and hardness. We will gladly provide you with information on typical parameters and framework conditions of these systems upon request.


Surface inspection of flat parts, such as stamped sheet metal parts, for scratches, blows, striations, dirt, etc. is faster and more reliable with Advic® than was previously possible. Unit costs are reduced, and quality is demonstrably increased at the same time. These are key competitive factors for stamped parts in particular. Naturally the system itself is designed for 3-shift operation.

Defective stamped parts are classified automatically and reliably placed into separated boxes. Separation of the defective parts is monitored.

Operation of the inspection system is extremely user-friendly. Changeover when switching from one model to another is fully automated and can be performed within seconds by making an entry on the keyboard. Inspection and threshold values for surface defects, geometry and flatness of the stamped parts can be defined and modified individually. Advic® compensates automatically for differences in colour between lots. Our experts will be happy to tell you more.

Millions of parts are inspected with Advic® around the world each year. Inspection of 100% of the products at the production cycle time.


Inspection and sorting follow the rate at which material is conveyed by the production line. This means that Advic® can be integrated practically without interfaces. The system can also be expanded, for example through the addition of hard part / soft part eddy current testing.

Stamped parts which are defective or not flat and/or of insufficient dimensional accuracy are classified automatically and reliably placed into separate boxes. Separation of the defective parts is monitored.

The geometry of the stamped piece goods is essentially infinitely variable. The typical throughput is up to 15 stamped parts per second, with the parts being turned and inspected on both sides automatically.


Advic® replaces the manual quality inspection of stamped parts, which is complex, time-consuming and prone to error. Accuracies of 1/100 of a mm are typically achieved by the geometry inspection.