Robiscan® - Platform for optical inspection


RBS Plattform

Robiscan® is a platform for optical inspection of parts:

- Inspection of surfaces, shape or dimensions (as shown in applications below)
- 2D and 3D inspection heads in different versions
- Part or inspection head is usually guided by a robot or axis system
- Suitable evaluation systems for every performance class
- Extensive range of accessories, e.g. hardware extensions, software (tools, displays, ...) 

Key points

The Robiscan® platform is a high-end system. It is used for highest inspection reliability (100% detection of defects) or when minimal pseudo defects are required. Robiscan has been in use worldwide for over 10 years by large OEMs. It stands out by highest reliability and compatibility with all common standards. Thanks to the special script language, it can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of tasks and individual requirements. 


Due to its great flexibility, Robiscan can be used for numerous applications of surface inspection or dimensional/shape inspection. Currently, customers use Robiscan for 

Weld/braze seam inspection, e.g.:
- Tactile laser seams of car body
- Inert gas seam inspection (e.g. MIG, MAG, ..)

Battery inspection, e.g.:
- Strength of weld/solder seams on module housings
Welds on cell contact connectors
- Dimensional/surface control of battery cells 
- Verification of surface structur 
- Detection of contamination

Surface inspections
Dents, notches, scratches, ....
- On painted but also unpainted surfaces, e.g. bodywork, white goods, ....

Steel industry 
- Welds on tailored blanks incl. ablation

Your application is missing? Contact us. In the last 40 years we have solved many more tasks than we can list here. 

Example laser weld seam inspection

Robiscan laser weld seam inspection
Robiscan is a high-end inspection system for tactile laser welding and soldering seams. It reliably detects even the smallest defects such as pores or splatters (to 50µm) while at the same time keeping the pseudo defect rate to a minimum (to 0.004%). Numerous large premium OEMs use Robiscan as standard in their production.

This high level of reliability is achieved through numerous in-house developments, such as the hardware-independent vibration compensation or the powerful evaluation procedures. Robiscan determines up to 40 geometric characteristics (e.g. depth, width, diameter, etc.) for each defect. As user, you can define the inspection rules, where required.

Example of gas-shielded welding with AI evaluation
Due to the numerous process influences, the appearance of gas-shielded seams varies significantly. At the same time, the demand for quality is growing. Manual inspections and classic inspection systems reach their limits in these cases and are not economical due to recurring adjustments. 
Robiscan detects the seams with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) more reliably than experienced experts. At the same time, it is extremely robust against permissible process fluctuations. This is how Robiscan sustainably reduces your costs: Fast set-up, maintenance-free, detection of all defects.

Example surface inspection
Automation W+R has been focusing on surface inspection for over 40 years. We develop our own special detection processes. With these, we push the limits of what is technically reachable and can detect even the smallest defects such as dents/dells, scratches, notches, … even more reliably.
A specialty is the inspection of unpainted surfaces, for example sheet metal. These are usually more difficult to inspect than painted surfaces. But early inspection can save you even more costs. Our solutions range from the complete inspection of the entire car bodies with several robots, up to steel lamellas at a speed of 20 parts per second.