Robiscan® - Inspection of Weld and Solder Seams


Robiscan® is a high-end inspection system for weld and solder seams. Robiscan® reliably detects very small defects such as pores or splatter (typically 0.2 mm) even under challenging conditions and also measures the seam geometry (e.g. overfill, underfill, etc.). Numerous premium OEMs around the world use Robiscan®.


The biggest advantage of the Robiscan® systems is its extremely low pseudo error rate (OK parts evaluated as bad parts) paired with 100% detection of all defects. This is why numerous large premium brand manufactures use Robiscan® in their production.

This high level of reliability is achieved through numerous proprietary developments, such as the hardware-independent vibration compensation or the powerful evaluation methods. The "measure instead of comparing" principle provides you with objective and reproducible measurement values which can be implemented consistently around the world. Robiscan® determines up to 40 clear geometric attributes (e.g. depth, width, diameter, etc.) for every defect. As the user, you can use simple rules to determine according to what attributes and above what size the defect should be reported.
Thanks to the use of high energy 3D laser triangulation technology, detection is independent of traces of smoke, dirt or discolouration of the parts.

Robiscan® provides lasting cost reductions: Fast setup, no support/maintenance required during regular operation, detection of all defective seams.


After welding/soldering, a robot moves the inspection head along the seam. Robiscan® records a high resolution 3D image in real time and evaluates it. Defects are indicated to the employee, allowing for immediate rework. Problems with the welding process can be detected early on and avoided, thanks to a variety of statistics and the graphic representation of the data. Since all measurement values are saved in the database, you can trace problems or complaints even years later.


Robiscan® inspects all solder and weld seams which have to meet particularly high appearance standards (e.g. roof seams, doors or tailgates). Even complex seam geometries can be handled easily, thanks to the customisable robot path programming.
The system is primarily used in the automotive industry. But Robiscan® is also predestined for the inspection of other weld seams where quality is important and which are visible to the customer (e.g. high quality appliances).