Automated ingot slab inspection steel
Due to the extreme temperatures, surface inspection in rolling mills is demanding for both people and machines. Automation W+R GmbH has implemented market leading solutions for detecting cracks, inclusions, oscillation marks and many other typical defects. And much earlier in the process and thus closer to the continuous casting process than was previously possible. Thanks to true 3D measuring, detection of steel strip surface defects is unaffected by colour contrasts of the red-hot surface. At the same time, the dimensions of the defect in the strip are measured exactly so that these can be evaluated reliably and accurately.

We also have a unique solution for crack detection in steel billets. It is based on our magnetic flux inspection system Autoflux Cracklight®.

Despite heat, vibration, dirt and water, detection of surface defects on the hot steel strip is now possible with solutions from Automation W+R GmbH.

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