FoundriesSurface inspection in foundries is often extremely demanding for the employees. Through its extensive development efforts, Automation W+R GmbH has implemented automated inspection systems with superior performance, which automatically detect cracks, blowholes and many other defects. Tasks which are hazardous to health no longer need to be performed by valuable employees, who are then available for other important tasks:

System solutions by Automation W+R GmbH detect defective parts automatically. They aren't compromised by heat, vibration, dirt and dust. Of course the 100% inspection of cast parts takes place at the production cycle time. One typical application is the automatic inspection of raw cast parts in foundries.

The strengths of our inspection solutions for foundry applications are low susceptibility to failure, fast cycle times and permanently improved product and process quality. Last but not least, leading foundries have selected innovative measuring and inspection technology from Automation W+R in order to protect the health of their employees.

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